Far Field Farm has been fortunate to have had some wonderful buyers come our way. Our horses have left here and been acquired by people who were looking for a special companion that would spend many years with them. Here are just a few of our horses and the people who own them. Interestingly, nearly two thirds of the horses on this page were purchased by people who had never owned an American Saddlebred before contacting Far Field Farm.

Jacquie White of Enumclaw, Washington

Jacquie selected two broodmares from Far Field Farm for her breeding operation. The first was Harlem’s Faire Maiden, and the second was the big bay, Brasilia. Both mares were big moving impressive horses with a lot of presence. Though Faire Maiden is no longer with her, Brasilia continues to be a wonderful mare for Jacquie.

Susan Holmes of Quincy, California

Susan came to Far Field for a horse to ride at her new home in the Sierra Mountains. Vanity’s Dance, or Dancer as we called him, became the perfect trail mount for Susan in the unparalleled setting she and her husband call home in Northern California. This photo of Dancer in the snowy valley near their home remains a favorite for everyone who sees it.

Dale Rumens-Partee and Russ Partee—Washington State

Dale is a trainer and riding instructor in Washington State. She is one of a rare breed of instructors whose enthusiasm for what she does daily affects every person who comes to her for instruction. Two years ago Dale bought the young gelding, Far Field Buccaneer. Buccaneer became the featured attraction at a Jon Ensign clinic at the Light Hands Horsemanship event in Santa Ynez, CA. Here he is with Jon.

Buccaneer at LHH 2..John Ensign

A few months later, she acquired Santo Domingo from the farm. Both horses spend their days doing many things because there is never a dull moment at Western Sky Horsemanship. They trail ride, they compete in Cowboy Dressage, they ride the range gathering cattle,  and they go for beach rides. They take Dale’s young riding students to the local horse shows, and impress everyone with their calm demeanors and willingness to perform. Dale is a great horse trainer and wonderful riding instructor. Dale’s website is www.westernskyhorsemanship.com.


Toni Strauss—Alaska

Seven years ago when she was a Forest Service District Manager in Nevada, Toni Strauss was kind enough to respond to a questionnaire I had submitted to the Bureau of Land Management about wild horses in Nevada. Our email exchange led to her visiting Far Field to look at the horses here. She bought the mare, Susie Santana, from us and took Susie with her when she transferred to Arizona where the pair spent many hours riding in the desert. In 2013, Toni returned to buy a second horse, Far Field Willa Cather. Willa left the farm and Toni flew her by Fed Ex Air Transport to her new home in Alaska. This picture is of Toni and Willa on the beach on the Seward Peninsula in January of 2014. Snow covered mountains and a simply stunning landscape form an impressive backdrop to a beautiful morning on horseback.



Daniel and Charlotte Venner—Marin County, California

Dan and Charlotte Venner came to Far Field to buy a Saddlebred for their 12 year old daughter. Dan is a small animal vet who had gone to Ohio State for Veterinary School. While there he had leased a Saddlebred for trail riding. Dan decided to look for a Saddlebred again at this time in his life. They purchased a three year old gelding from Far Field named El Capitan. Their daughter competed and rode him around Marin County until she graduated and went away to school, and now Dan rides him on the trails of Northern California.

Birgitte Wilms—New Hampshire

Birgitte Wilms is from Denmark. Four years ago, she bought Far Field Ebony from us, and Ebony made the long trip from California to their beautiful farm in New Hampshire. Ebony has become a trail horse and cowboy dressage horse for Birgitte. Here she is with Birgitte after her long transport across country. In the second photo she is being ridden by Eitan Beth-Halachmy, founder of Cowboy Dressage.

Kristin Tenorio of Rocky Creek Farm in Richfield, Wisconsin

Kristin travelled to California to acquire Far Field Galloway, a wonderful colt by Phlags Phlying and out of Junior Bridesmaid. Kristin uses Galloway in many ways as a personal pleasure horse.

Kent Anderson, of Colorado Springs, Colorado

Kent purchased the big handsome gaited gelding, Sky Captain from Far Field Farm. Kent and his wife travel the western United States on horse camping trips with their horses, and we wish them many happy trails as they enjoy their new smooth riding gelding.

Cindy and Samantha Thomas of Ottumwa, Iowa

Far Field Prima now lives at Keith Equestrian Center in Ottumwa, Iowa where she is owned by Cindy and Samantha Thomas. Prima is trained by Kelsi Keith-Rusch at their beautiful facility in Ottumwa. Prima is by County Treasure and out of the WC Party Train.  Keith Equestrian Center

Lisa and Carlos Siderman—Malibu, California

In 2003, Lisa and Carlos Siderman of Malibu, California bought a big bay gelding, Far Field Hustle Time, for Carlos. The next year they visited again to buy All The Money, a beautiful chestnut gelding for Lisa. These two attorneys have become top endurance riders in S. California, showing the rest of the world what outstanding endurance horses they have found in their two Saddlebreds. Hustle Time has won several awards over the last few years, generally finishing in the top three horses in all races he has entered. All The Money has also been a top contender for Lisa. Lisa has become involved in extensive promotion of the American Saddlebred breed and her efforts have resulted in more people becoming aware of the breed as a contender outside the saddle seat show ring. Their Deer Creek Ranch overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

Debbie Mircheff, Washington State

Debbie Mircheff breeds National Show Horses. She purchased the big, beautiful young mare, Far Field Olema, from a video we sent to her. Olema fulfilled all her expectations with her 16+ hand size, beautiful face, and presence. Olema soon became a valued member of Debbie’s herd.

Whispering Winds Farm of Mulino, Oregon

Whispering Winds Farm of Mulino, Oregon has purchased several horses from Far Field through the years. Denise and Barry Blacklaw have become increasingly involved in Cowboy Dressage and find their Saddlebreds are ideally suited to that discipline. The stallion, King’s Black Ace, stands at their farm and is a beautiful black stallion of sturdy old bloodlines. Our thanks to the Blacklaws for giving our horses a wonderful home with such conscientious and knowledgeable horse people as owners.

Shannon Lady—Denise Blacklaw, Mulino, Oregon
King’s Black Ace—Denise Blacklaw, Mulino, Oregon
King’s Lady In Black—Denise Blacklaw, Mulino, Oregon
Far Field Filigree—Denise Blacklaw, Mulino, Oregon

Tracey and Mitch Hawkins—Calistoga, CA

Tracey and Mitch Hawkins manage Hawk and Horse Vineyards in Lake County, California. Several years ago they bought a tall chestnut gelding named Cache Creek. Tracey rides Cache all over their 900 acre ranch/vineyards and competes with him in the local gymkhana shows in Middletown, California. Cache competes successfully as a barrel racing and pole bending horse in those events. Tracey and Mitch have another Saddlebred mare and her sport pony bred foal. Their wines have won awards at international competitions in New York and California. www.hawkandhorsevineyards.com

Elizabeth Dwinell Hoffman-Galt, California

Tevis was bought by first time Saddlebred owner, Elizabeth Dwinell Hoffman for a dressage horse. He is at home in Galt, California.

Kasey Ashley-Santa Rosa, California

Kasey Ashley has selflessly given many hours to the children of Santa Rosa, California as a riding instructor. She takes kids to shows, to exhibitions, and keeps her lesson horses at a place for them to be after school and in the summer when their parents are working. Kasey has bought several horses from Far Field Farm. Far Field Flambeau is pictured with one of her young students as he learns to drive. She also bought the mare, Far Field Sweet Lucy, now retired, and a third gelding now owned by two of her clients. Without people like Kasey, the horse industry would have no future.